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IBM To Extend Global Cloud With 18 New Datacenters


IBM is continuing to expand its global cloud coverage. The US group plans to open 18 new Availability Zones in six locations: Washington and Dallas in the United States, Tokyo in Japan, Sidney in Australia, London in the United Kingdom and Frankfurt in Germany. Neither the amount of the investment nor the commissioning schedule is specified.

General race to expand the majors of the cloud

An Availability Zone is a data center with independent power, cooling, and network resources to provide secure cloud service provisioning. IBM claims today an infrastructure of about 60 data centers, including two in France, one near Paris, the other in Montpellier.

With this expansion project, the group of Ginni Rometty intends to improve the capillarity of its services, get closer to its customers and reassure on data security. His effort is part of a general race

Tact.ai unites Amazon, Microsoft and Salesforce for a $ 27 million round

Tact.ai raises $ 27 million to accelerate its development and establish itself internationally. Especially Amazon, Microsoft and Salesforce. This operation adds to the 30 million dollars already raised by the American start-up since its creation in 2012.

Tact.ai announced on June 25, 2018 to have raised $ 27 million to further develop its conversational artificial intelligence technologies. And the investors are not the least, since it is Amazon, Microsoft and Salesforce who lead the dance. Comcast Ventures, Accel Partners, Redpoint Ventures and Vpfront Ventures are also involved.

A Conversational Assistant To Win Time

Founded in 2012 in California, Tact.ai aims to increase business productivity by reducing the time lost in the transmission of information. Through conversational artificial intelligence platforms, she wants to help employees, especially in sales, to “control their data and coordinate with people, whether over the phone, via smart speakers or in the car,” explains Chuck Ganapathi, founder of Tact.ai.

In addition to sales, these personal assistants with artificial intelligence and specialized for companies also aim to overcome the physical difference of employees traveling, giving them access to all data of the company. This would facilitate, for example, remote meetings.

In The passpport Of Alexa, Wants To Evolve International

If the three cloud giants agreed on the same project, it is because all three welcome the need for the development of conversational artificial intelligence technologies in all sectors. Tact.ai focuses on the business, as Amazon did with Alexa for business, and had developed a special skill for this wizard, which allows users to access their Salesforce data through the conversation. .

This fundraising will enable it to accelerate its development, already wel-established in the sales sector, as well as its international presence. Tact.ai has recently opened an EMEA headquarters in the UK, and a development center in India.


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