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Cloud Computing, A Threat To Businesses


A practical solution is rarely compatible with security. The experts at the RSA Conference, held last week in San Francisco, reminded him by highlighting the risks of cloud computing. “Cloud Computing” enables organizations to reduce costs by relocating content and using remote applications. But “it’s a nightmare for security and it can not be handled by traditional methods,” said John Chambers, CEO of Cisco.

For security specialists, cloud computing presents several threats, the two main ones concerning the data and the surveillance of the network of the company.

This concept can jeopardize the confidentiality and integrity of the data. “When you virtualize your resources, you lose the habit of having a view of the content. With cloud computing, you do not know where it is physically. But the directions are not always aware of this threat. The use of this concept is an economic decision. This choice is suffered in 90% of cases by the CIOs, “says Eric Domage, the security specialist at research firm IDC information technology.

Another concern is the availability of data. By highlighting its massively distributed architecture, cloud proponents point to the availability of their services. Unfortunately, several failures involving major players in this concept have, on the contrary, revealed the limits.

Clouds down

The other main weak point concerns the protection of the network. Corporate IT security managers will no longer see intrusion attempts, let alone attacks, since resources will be relocated and managed by the cloud provider.

These two types of threats are nevertheless taken very seriously by the major players in this solution. After Cisco, it is IBM’s turn to launch secure services in “cloud” mode. At the RSA conference, the company introduced its new Malware Scanning for IBM Rational AppScan and a Proventia Web Application Firewall.

The RSA conference was also the occasion for the official launch of the Cloud Security Alliance. Supported inter alia by companies specializing in online offers such as PGP Corp, Qualys, and Zscaler, this consortium wants to educate companies on the issue of security.

Whatever solution is chosen, they must always adhere to the essential rules. First, systematically encrypt non-public data hosted in “clouds”. Second, use passwords that are less easy to find and manage precise identifiers to control access. Third, do not put all your eggs in the same basket, that is, in this case, spread their data across different clouds and save the most crucial of them on a storage system without access to the Internet.

French companies seem convinced by cloud computing

This is the conclusion that can be drawn from a study commissioned by Avanade, the leading integrator of enterprise solutions based on the Microsoft platform. Conducted among 502 senior executives and IT decision makers in 17 countries in Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific region, the “Cloud Computing 2009” study indicates that “27% of French companies surveyed use the cloud parallel computing of their existing IT systems. While 5% are already testing services in the cloud, 41% are considering its next adoption, 18% of which are due in less than a year. ” Globally, 5% of the companies surveyed use only cloud computing.


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