How To Save In The Cloud With Dropbox, OneDrive, G...

A loss of data is often a disaster, both personally and professionally, which generates stress and anxiety. It is therefore better to put all the odds on its side and plan ahead a backup strategy (backup of Windows 10, backup of personal data, planning and backup media) that will save you a lot of trouble. […]


Why Companies Opt For Cloud Computing

A few steps from the highway, nothing from the outside, can guess what it contains in his basement. At the exit of the elevator, we see a dozen gray bottles of more than one meter long each. “They contain Inergen gas. In case of fire, they explode immediately to deprive the fire of oxygen, “says […]


My Computer In The Cloud

The first 4 MOOCs of this collection make it possible to train to the skills of the C2i reference level 1 (C2i1). The present MOOC trains all the skills of the D1 domain of this repository: “Work in an evolving digital environment”. At the end of this MOOC, you will be able to obtain a […]


How to properly protect your files on the cloud?

By encrypting them, you can protect your files, your USB keys and your storage disks, but can you do the same for your files and files stored on your cloud account? The speed of wired and wireless internet connections and the availability of millions of gigabytes of online storage have resulted in Internet-based storage services. […]


Backup Copies

Backing up your computer content That’s why you should make a habit of making regular backup copies (ie, reproducing your data and saving them securely) outside your computer. After all, if your important files are not on your computer, it will be impossible for a hacker to get information about you. In addition, backing up […]


The Company Ready For IT In Cloud

Develop a plan and address key challenges and address the main challenges A “business ready for cloud computing” will adopt and implement a cloud-based approach to the provision of its IT services. According to his supporters, this approach will become, over time, the one used by default all companies. However, be content to outsource IT […]


Cloud Computing, A Threat To Businesses

A practical solution is rarely compatible with security. The experts at the RSA Conference, held last week in San Francisco, reminded him by highlighting the risks of cloud computing. “Cloud Computing” enables organizations to reduce costs by relocating content and using remote applications. But “it’s a nightmare for security and it can not be handled […]


After Intel’s acquisition, McAfee Finally Br...

While Intel had lingered comparatively indefinable about its announcement of the $ 7.7 billion takeovers of McAfee just over a year ago, many observers saw the initiative as a way of bringing the logical security of the equipment. A strategy with multiple perspectives: have additional arguments against ARM in the field of mobility and lock […]


In 2018, Windows died at Home And No One Cares

Technology: If Microsoft’s desktop functioning system maintains to be a key part of initiative computing environments, it dangers being quenched in homes. And the firm of Redmond seems to be satisfied with it perfectly. A year ago, I argued that Microsoft’s Windows operating system, as we have always known, was on the verge of extinction. […]


IBM To Extend Global Cloud With 18 New Datacenters

IBM is continuing to expand its global cloud coverage. The US group plans to open 18 new Availability Zones in six locations: Washington and Dallas in the United States, Tokyo in Japan, Sidney in Australia, London in the United Kingdom and Frankfurt in Germany. Neither the amount of the investment nor the commissioning schedule is […]


Microsoft And Thales Create A Private Cloud Offeri...

Microsoft and Thales made the announcement on June 12 of a partnership to create a joint offer in the defense clouds. The French group Thales has already deployed private clouds for some armed forces (not French forces), but an alliance with Microsoft will allow it to enjoy one of the best cloud infrastructures in the […]


Layoffs, Internal Tensions: IBM Watson Health Is I...

The weather is not looking good for Watson Health, IBM’s cloud-based solution for the medical world. After a Register article revealing major layoffs in the United States, the Statnews media publishes a survey that reveals more fundamental difficulties to exploit the medical data that the company has acquired through several redemptions. The medical field is […]


Security: 91% Of Cloud Services Used In Europe Pre...

High-risk services Only 9% of the 2,105 Cloud services studied have enterprise-class security capabilities, while the remaining 91% pose medium or high risks to organizational security. In addition, only 5% of cloud services offered in Europe are ISO / IEC 27001 certified, the international standard for information security management systems (ISMS). No more than 12% […]


Are Your Documents Safe On The Cloud?

On Wednesday, some Dropbox users had a bad surprise. The cloud service, which is one of the best known, has admitted to being hacked. Some usernames and passwords have been stolen. Which means that the “hackers” in question could have access to the documents they had stored on the Dropbox servers. Fortunately for the company, […]


Data Security In The Cloud: What Do Hosting Provid...

Data security in the cloud remains a barrier for some companies wanting to adopt this technology for their applications or IT infrastructure. According to a recent study by PAC (Pierre Audoin Consultants), security is the first obstacle to cloud adoption in France. A certain mistrust therefore exists. However, hosts and providers who own data centers […]


Solutions For Data Security In The Cloud

Data Protection for the Cloud Here are some examples of topics: data mixing, user abuse of their rights, snapshots and backups, data deletion, data leakage, national regulatory requirements, super-admin rights in the cloud, and so on. Fortunately, Gemalto’s award-winning two-factor authentication, encryption, and enterprise key management solutions can make any Cloud environment more reliable and […]


Three Examples Of A Move To Cloud Computing

Generix: flexibility first and foremost How to shoot up suppleness into the process of an IT department? Generix, the software publisher, became interested in cloud computing in 2008 when he had to change his servers. The company has moved most of its data to a private “cloud” in eighteen months. “What drove us to adopt […]


Introductions To “Cloud Computing”

Computing In The Cloud? What’s This? Historical In English, we were talking about “the cloud”, which meant almost the Internet we know. This cloud evoked a connection to an indefinite number of users and not services as we understand it now. Cloud Computing (cloud computing) has become a major concept referring to the use of […]


What Is The Difference Between Cloud Computing And...

Virtualization is a technology that separates hardware functions. Cloud computing, meanwhile, builds on this separation. It is easy to confuse them because in both cases it is a creation of useful environments for abstract resources. Concrete comparison With virtualization, a resource can play the role of several resources, while with cloud computing, different services (via […]


What Is Cloud Computing? Part 2

Types of cloud services: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS Most cloud services can be grouped into three broad categories: IaaS (infrastructure as a service), PaaS (platform as a service) and SaaS (software as a service). If you know what they are and how they are different, you can more easily reach your goals. Infrastructure as a service […]


What Is Cloud Computing? Part 1

For simplicity, cloud computing is a collection of IT services (servers, storage, databases, network components, software, analytics, etc.) delivered over the Internet (the cloud). The companies that offer these IT services are called cloud service providers. They generally charge these services based on usage, much like your home water or electricity bill. Still do not […]


The Status Of Cloud Technology In 2017 – Part 2

Private Cloud Involves a secure environment in which only the customer can navigate. Organizations choose this method because it provides a higher level of control and security. It is in the interest of companies to work with this option, specifically ifHybrid cloud Uses both private and public cloud systems. The hybrid model helps to identify, […]


The Status Of Cloud Technology In 2017 – Part 1

It has been shown that traditional data storage is no longer working because it is more expensive and difficult to manage. To work properly, traditional methods require expensive equipment, such as the expert team that will be needed to install, configures and maintain them. Cloud services have quickly become the largest revenue generator for today’s […]